SERIAL: Podcast

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12.58.12 AMis a new popular podcast that debut two months ago on October 3, 2014 in which they explores the nonfictional stories about love, death, justice, and truth. I heard about this through my friends whom have really enjoyed it during their daily commute. I haven’t started it yet but really excited to listen to it during my long drives to work. Each episodes vary in length but average about 30 minutes to linked together one story.

iPhones: Podcast app -> Search ‘Serial’ -> Click subscribe -> Start listening

Androids: Swatcher app or any app that can play podcasts

Sorry I’ve always used iPhones for smartphones so I don’t really know how to work an android.


Thanksgiving Weekend Adventure

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week and enjoyed the family gathering, delicious spread of food, and the craziness of “Black Friday” shopping. Whether you celebrated this American holiday or not, I hope the spirit of kindness and love is surrounding you.

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I went down to visit his family as he had to work on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday). Seven weeks ago, one of his family’s husky gave birth to six super adorable puppies! I got to play/clean up after them! Their teeth are starting to grow and they are super active and friendly. It’s around the time that they mom is starting to ween them off milk and not clean up after them. That means it’s a lot of work for the humans, poop and pee everywhere! After two months of being with the mommy dog, puppies are now ready to be adopted to different homes. These particular set of puppies have show-dog potential and thus are not going to be for sale. I am just excited that I got the chance to play and cuddle with them. Here are some photos:

One of the many selfies I took with the puppies. This one is posing with its eyes closed.

Found them sleeping like this. Four different dogs, two were off to the side.

Sleepy husky

“I want to come out and play. If I push hard enough, will I go through?”

Our husky, Meeno, playing with her three of her puppy cousins.

Puppies really like to cuddle.

Aside from playing with the puppies, I got a chance to hang out with a few of my bay area/college besties and we went shopping at the Westfield Mall in San Jose, played Smash Bros (my favorite is Kirby!), went to Aniki’s for sushi…

Aniki’s Ultimate Roll (seared sashimi bites on top of a shrimp tempura, imitation crab roll)


Oh My God Roll (deep fried lobsters on top of a shrimp tempura, initiation crab roll)


Salmon and Uni Nigiri


After the yummy dinner, my friend and I got Gong Cha tapioca drinks before heading to our friend’s house to play Avalon (really fun board game. Great for big groups!). They are known for their milk foam and white pearls. Very interesting! Milk foam is a salty foam layer on top of the tea and white pearl is made from seaweed. I really enjoyed this place, will come again! Left is the large matcha green tea with white pearls and herbal jelly. Right is the large earl grey green tea with white pearls.


My boyfriend and I spent time with his family and his friends too. But this entry is getting long and I won’t divulge into those stories. I hope you have a great week and come back soon 🙂

Getting ready for Snowboard season!!

Beginners? Want to get more serious about snowboarding or skiing? Well, I have a treat for you my friends in the NorCal region! Add this to your calendar for the following year, it is a big event called SNOWBOMB. They host in three different locations: San Francisco (Fort Mason), San Jose (San Jose Convention), and Sacramento (Cal Expo) where they have different vendors and snow resorts display and sell all types of new/used snowboarding and ski gear for usually a discounted price. I’m sure they have variations between the locations, i.e. Sacramento had a local shop, GroundZero, selling their old and new season stuff. I’ve been going for 2 years now to the one in Sacramento. They all open a long weekend (Friday-Sunday) sometime mid-November.

MY STORY play-by-play: BF and I went to Cal Expo in Sacramento on Sunday at 1PM. Paid $10 for parking. Walked to the entrance and check-in with my discounted/free general admission. We didn’t upgrade to the powder pass for 5 free lift tickets because of the restrictions and we knew it would not work for us. In hind sight, it might’ve been worth it just to get it for $15 and worry about going later. Check out the different resort booths to enter ourselves into their raffles. Most of them were in the Lake Tahoe regions since that’s the central snowboarding/skiing location in Northern California. There was a smaller crowd than last year, but it was the last day. If you have the intention of buying gears, go on the first day, like on Friday, or else you’ll just be left with limitation choices, if any. BF was only free on Sunday, sigh.

At the Sierra-At-Tahoe booth they have a raffle drawing every hour that you must be present to obtain the prizes and the grand prize was a weekday free lift ticket! We went 3 times with no luck. We did get to catch some free giveaway koozies..

We saw a crowd at a gear vendors booth so we went to check it out. That was where I bought my ThirtyTwo snowboarding boots ($149.99+tax) from this season for $30 off the original price. I know that I don’t want to invest too much aside from a pair of boots yet. My BF got his boots ($120), bindings ($109), and then later went to the store and got a last season’s board ($200). He’s also a beginner so we both didn’t want to get high end expensive items until we get further interested. If he were to gotten a board at the show, he would get a free weekday lift ticket to Sierra At Tahoe.

I got a pair of pink snow pants for $99 at the main vendors shop. Those people were the main show with abundance selection of new and used shoes, goggles, gloves, beanies, jackets, pants, socks, boards, etc. Pretty much everything you need, they have.

All in all, it’s worth checking out if you’re interested in snowboarding or skiing during the winter season.

Good luck, have fun and stay safe!

Admission Fee

$10 General Admission
$25 Powder Pass (includes up to 5 lift passes to different locations in CA)
$50 VIP (includes what’s above + entrance for beer fest)
[You can easily find a code for a $10 discount for any of the above pricing, thus you can always go for free with general admission]

$10 Parking fee/day (Unless you park elsewhere

Tips on getting swag

Go to each resort’s booth to sign up for their raffle drawing which might include a day/season lift pass and/or goodies.
Get the Powder Pass for free lift tickets (with restrictions on days)
If you get a board, you get a free lift ticket
Find a bundle deal, like $399 for board, bindings, boots

You can always find videos on Youtube for more detail and information how what to buy and how to ride.

One of my side jobs…

Food Demonstrator. Food -> free samples.

I had the chance to work at another super market today, one I’ve never been to. With new places come new experiences and having the ability to compare the work environment from different companies. I won’t disclose the locations of which I work, but I will be telling you an overall of this job. Continue reading if you’re interested.

Image is important, as you must look clean and presentable in order to appeal to the customers the food you are trying to sell. So my morning would include a shower, make-up to look alert, and a warm outfit since you will get really cold from the coolers inside the super markets. At 10AM I would arrive and begin my set up for the weekend’s work. At which point, you’re trying to get people’s attention and for them to taste it. My theory is, you will never know if you like it until you try it. Being friendly, polite, loud seems to be the key. Around 12:30/1:30PM, there is a lunch break. Come back energized to sell again until 5/5:30PM when you clean up and go home.

It’s definitely to my advantage that I can speak English and Cantonese. I’m a friendly person that loves to smile. It’s nice when people are nice and friendly. Although, I do get occasions when kiddos that come back 3-5 times for the samples and that’s when I get a little irritated. If you wanted more to begin with, just let me know, so I can give you more in one cup then you use and throw away five!

It is only a weekend job if there is work and I’m glad to have the opportunity. I have only been doing it a few times so by no means am I an expert. It’s a nice gig on days you don’t have work or you work M-F schedule or unemployed. I wouldn’t even consider myself a part-time because there is no guaranteed hours or work. I’m don’t have contract or work for any particular company.

Sacramento hosts the 2014 Global Winter Wonderland


Taken from the Groupon page

Sacbee article:

A Bay Area company plans to make the holiday season a lot brighter – literally – when it lights up 17 acres of Cal Expo with glowing depictions of sites such as the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Promoters Thursday said the lantern and multicultural theme park, called Global Winter Wonderland, will be built using millions of LED lights, 100 tons of steel framing and 200,000 feet of colorful Chinese silk. The display will run Nov. 22 through Jan. 4.


1600 Exposition Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95815

32 Event Days

Open Daily:  Nov 22 to Nov 30
Weekends:  Dec 5-7 & Dec 12-14
Open Daily:  Dec 19 to Jan 4, 2015

Event Hours

4:30pm – 10pm Sunday to Thursday
4:30pm – 11pm Friday and Saturday

Theme Days every week!

Sunday, November 23: Hispanic Day
Sunday, November 30: African American Day
Sunday, December 7: Hispanic Day
Saturday, December 13: Sacramento Rivercats Day
Sunday, December 14: Asian Pacific Islander Day
Sunday, December 21: Slavic Day
Saturday, December 27: SacAnime Cosplay Day
Sunday, December 28: Shah Jahan Night – Celebrating the Taj Mahal

Admission Price Breakdown + Deals!

I hope this will help you out. If you know of any deals, you can let me know too. I think this will be an amazing event and definitely will get you into the holiday spirit. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! 🙂

Official site
Adults (13-65) $16
Children (4-12) & Seniors (65+) $12
Group (15+) Deal: Discount $2
Unlimited ride wristband (online only): $25

$46.99 for admission and unlimited-ride wristbands for two (a $92 value)
$92.99 for admission and unlimited-ride wristbands for four (a $184 value)

99 Ranch Market (4220 Florin Rd., Sacramento, CA)
General admission $12

New TV show addiction: The Blacklist

I’m watching the show on Netflix as I type this blog and the show is getting to be so intense that I need some distraction. I’m such a scaredy-cat when it comes to horror or quick action films. Let me tell you about this new show that I got hooked onto watching!

The Blacklist is an addicting, action-filled, American crime drama that is highly rated right now! Synopsis from Wiki:

Raymond “Red” Reddington played by James Spader is a former government agent turned high-profile criminal, who had eluded capture for decades, voluntarily surrenders to the FBI, offering to cooperate on capturing a list of criminals who are virtually impossible to catch. He insists on working with a rookie profiler by the name of Elizabeth Keen played by Megan Boone.

I can’t really compare the show to anything I’ve ever seen since I don’t watch many pain inflicting and bloody-gory shows, and this show contains that. Although, it’s just showing Season 2, I am binge watching on Netflix. There’s a lot of twist and mysteries that needs to be solved and it’s really hard to guess. I highly recommend it for those that would want an insight of how the FBI operates and CSI drama and/or want a good tv series.

Secret Santa: Tips and Tools

Secret Santa (SS) is a Western tradition where a group of people would randomly get assigned to a person within the group to give an anonymous gift (During Christmas). There are a few rules to be followed and this provide a great way for big groups to maximum the thought and price of a gift and to ensue gifts for all. I’ve joined in office settings, small and big friends, and I know of some people even do it with their family.

TIP: is the website my friends and I use to electronically choose the names and be able to put items we want onto wish lists that others can follow. It’s free and easy.


  1. Set a reasonable budget that everyone is okay with ($20-75)
  2. Make sure the date of exchange will work for everyone (Potluck dinner at someone’s house)
  3. Keep the name a SECRET (It’s okay to tease your friends but don’t ruin the surprise)
  4. Wrap the present

PERSONAL STORY: For the past few years, my group of college friends and I have been playing SS. In college we kept a minimal budget because we were all in a financial constraint. It worked out because instead of buying a small present for like 7 people, we got to spend more time and money on a quality gift. We would dress up and go to a dinner to open the gifts. First year we went to a Japanese restaurant. The following we wanted to still dine but in a more comfortable setting, so last year we rented a cabin in Lake Tahoe and spent few days there. Potluck is another good option!

Having gift giving!