Thanksgiving Weekend Adventure

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week and enjoyed the family gathering, delicious spread of food, and the craziness of “Black Friday” shopping. Whether you celebrated this American holiday or not, I hope the spirit of kindness and love is surrounding you.

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I went down to visit his family as he had to work on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday). Seven weeks ago, one of his family’s husky gave birth to six super adorable puppies! I got to play/clean up after them! Their teeth are starting to grow and they are super active and friendly. It’s around the time that they mom is starting to ween them off milk and not clean up after them. That means it’s a lot of work for the humans, poop and pee everywhere! After two months of being with the mommy dog, puppies are now ready to be adopted to different homes. These particular set of puppies have show-dog potential and thus are not going to be for sale. I am just excited that I got the chance to play and cuddle with them. Here are some photos:

One of the many selfies I took with the puppies. This one is posing with its eyes closed.

Found them sleeping like this. Four different dogs, two were off to the side.

Sleepy husky

“I want to come out and play. If I push hard enough, will I go through?”

Our husky, Meeno, playing with her three of her puppy cousins.

Puppies really like to cuddle.

Aside from playing with the puppies, I got a chance to hang out with a few of my bay area/college besties and we went shopping at the Westfield Mall in San Jose, played Smash Bros (my favorite is Kirby!), went to Aniki’s for sushi…

Aniki’s Ultimate Roll (seared sashimi bites on top of a shrimp tempura, imitation crab roll)


Oh My God Roll (deep fried lobsters on top of a shrimp tempura, initiation crab roll)


Salmon and Uni Nigiri


After the yummy dinner, my friend and I got Gong Cha tapioca drinks before heading to our friend’s house to play Avalon (really fun board game. Great for big groups!). They are known for their milk foam and white pearls. Very interesting! Milk foam is a salty foam layer on top of the tea and white pearl is made from seaweed. I really enjoyed this place, will come again! Left is the large matcha green tea with white pearls and herbal jelly. Right is the large earl grey green tea with white pearls.


My boyfriend and I spent time with his family and his friends too. But this entry is getting long and I won’t divulge into those stories. I hope you have a great week and come back soon 🙂


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