One of my side jobs…

Food Demonstrator. Food -> free samples.

I had the chance to work at another super market today, one I’ve never been to. With new places come new experiences and having the ability to compare the work environment from different companies. I won’t disclose the locations of which I work, but I will be telling you an overall of this job. Continue reading if you’re interested.

Image is important, as you must look clean and presentable in order to appeal to the customers the food you are trying to sell. So my morning would include a shower, make-up to look alert, and a warm outfit since you will get really cold from the coolers inside the super markets. At 10AM I would arrive and begin my set up for the weekend’s work. At which point, you’re trying to get people’s attention and for them to taste it. My theory is, you will never know if you like it until you try it. Being friendly, polite, loud seems to be the key. Around 12:30/1:30PM, there is a lunch break. Come back energized to sell again until 5/5:30PM when you clean up and go home.

It’s definitely to my advantage that I can speak English and Cantonese. I’m a friendly person that loves to smile. It’s nice when people are nice and friendly. Although, I do get occasions when kiddos that come back 3-5 times for the samples and that’s when I get a little irritated. If you wanted more to begin with, just let me know, so I can give you more in one cup then you use and throw away five!

It is only a weekend job if there is work and I’m glad to have the opportunity. I have only been doing it a few times so by no means am I an expert. It’s a nice gig on days you don’t have work or you work M-F schedule or unemployed. I wouldn’t even consider myself a part-time because there is no guaranteed hours or work. I’m don’t have contract or work for any particular company.


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