Secret Santa: Tips and Tools

Secret Santa (SS) is a Western tradition where a group of people would randomly get assigned to a person within the group to give an anonymous gift (During Christmas). There are a few rules to be followed and this provide a great way for big groups to maximum the thought and price of a gift and to ensue gifts for all. I’ve joined in office settings, small and big friends, and I know of some people even do it with their family.

TIP: is the website my friends and I use to electronically choose the names and be able to put items we want onto wish lists that others can follow. It’s free and easy.


  1. Set a reasonable budget that everyone is okay with ($20-75)
  2. Make sure the date of exchange will work for everyone (Potluck dinner at someone’s house)
  3. Keep the name a SECRET (It’s okay to tease your friends but don’t ruin the surprise)
  4. Wrap the present

PERSONAL STORY: For the past few years, my group of college friends and I have been playing SS. In college we kept a minimal budget because we were all in a financial constraint. It worked out because instead of buying a small present for like 7 people, we got to spend more time and money on a quality gift. We would dress up and go to a dinner to open the gifts. First year we went to a Japanese restaurant. The following we wanted to still dine but in a more comfortable setting, so last year we rented a cabin in Lake Tahoe and spent few days there. Potluck is another good option!

Having gift giving!


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