Annual NorCal Premium Sake Fest

Official Site:

WHAT: 10th Annual Northern California Premium Sake Fest
WHEN: Oct. 9, 2014 6-9PM
WHERE: Sheraton Grand Sacramento. 1230 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
COST: $60 in advance. $70 at the door. Proceeds go to UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

MY PRIOR EXPERIENCE: I’ve been to the same sake fest two years ago, and I’m so excited that I will be going this year as well. Held in a conference room on the bottom floor of the Sheraton, guests are checked in and will be given a customized shot glass used for sake sampling. Local Japanese restaurants were there to provide samples of their restaurants items. Taiko drummers was among some of the performances. I remember there were sooo many different types of sake companies and types to try. I would recommend a DD! As a +1 to an invited guest, my entrance fee was waived. I know $60 is a lot of money to spurge on, but keep in mind, proceeds does go to help the UCD Children’s Hospital. It’s a great event for those that really enjoy sake or food industrial owners. But in my honest opinion, I would choose A Taste of Sacramento (Annual event in September) over the Sake Fest for the same price. But hey, they are two different events, right? 😉


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