Paint Nite: A Creative Date

Alley Katz in Sacramento, CA

Couples, is your relationship getting a bit routine and running out of ideas for dates? Ladies, need a GNO (Girl’s Night Out)? People working, want to get a drink with your co-workers while doing a fun activity? Keep reading! For those not applicable in those categories, it can be suitable for you too! This is basically for anybody that just wants to try something new!

Check their WEBSITE to find an area near you!

What is Paint Nite? They have different locations throughout CA at multiple bars and lounges where they set up all the supplies you would need for a 3-hour painting session that has a fun and relax atmosphere. Since it is located at a bar, you can get drinks and food (Highly encouraged). How awesome! Our drinks was discounted too!

*Bring cash for your drinks and food (just easier that way)

Background story: I bought a GROUPON a while back and it was closing its expiration date, so I thought I should use it.  All this time, I bought two because I wanted to go with my boyfriend. I used a local deal or something which saved 15-20% ($25-20%)=$21.50 for each. It is not offered everyday, and you need to book in advance. There’s no drop-ins, and I would check 1-2 months in advance to pick a piece you would like to keep. So I think that’s why it took us so long to go, finding a piece of art I want to paint and the date they have available when we’re free.

Photo above is my boyfriend pondering his background scheme and below that is our finished creations at our work station

During the break, he got a beer while I got a mixed drink called Amaretto Sour (lemon juice with an almond flavor liquor).

We had a blast doing something out of our realm. We were able to share the experience with a taken home memory and decoration for the house. I highly recommend buying a Groupon and experiencing it yourself 🙂

Breaking down our set and a group photo!


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