Lower Antelope Canyon

Formation of beautifully sculpted wave-like patterns on the rocks created by wind, flash floods, and natural occurrences.

For tour information for the Navajo Nation Parks, Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon: http://www.navajonationparks.org/htm/antelopecanyon.htm

For tour information about the Lower Antelope Canyon: http://www.lowerantelope.com


Location: Page, Arizona
Fee: $28
Access: Family Friendly • Must be able to walk
Distance: 1 hour
Elevation: very little change
 [Ken’s Guided Tour of Lower Antelope Canyon]
OPEN 7 Days a week, all year long (closed if forecast of rain).
SUMMER HOURS: Third Week in February – First Week in November 8 AM – 5 PM
Tours begin at 8:30 AM, leaving every half hour; last tour leaves at 4 PM

WINTER HOURS: Second Week in November – Second Week in February 9 AM – 3 PM
Tours begin at 9:30 AM, leaving every half hour; last tour leaves at 2 PM

Difficulty: Easy
GPS Location: N 36 Degrees 54′ 9″ W 111 Degrees 24′ 39″. Approximately 2.5 miles east of Page, Arizona on HWY 98. Take highway 98 toward Kaibeto, we are across Upper Antelope Canyon entrance, turn left on Navajo Route N22B (Antelope Point Road) for about 1/4 mile. The entrance sign is on the left.

This tour company is the first one you’ll hit when you drive through the entrance. Apparently there are two tour companies available for the lower antelope canyon that are right next to each other. My destination was Ken’s but I didn’t know if there was a difference so we parked at the closest and most crowded one, which was this one. I inquired about the price which was the same as what I’ve researched online, $28 for adults and $20(?) for kids under 12. Saw their certificate by the cashier window. The next tour was in 5 minutes, so we said let’s do it!

They call you by last name and you walk about a quarter mile on sand (only part which you really get the full sunshine) to the entrance of the lower antelope. There you’ll meet your guide. You walk down a staircase (a bit scary for those afraid of heights, but it gets a lot better). It goes pretty slow since everyone is stopping to take photos, I don’t blame them, it’s so pretty! The tour last about 45 minutes with no rush. The tour guide that we saw once in a while was fun and even offer to take photos and help me adjust my camera setting.

I recommend coming when the sun is directly up above so when the light beams bounces off the waves of the rocks would give you a spectacular view.

*Bring cash!! They do accept credit card but charges 3% transaction fee.

Tours are offer every 15 minutes in the summer time.

I do NOT recommend coming here for a day trip from Las Vegas, definitely an overnight stay would be the best. It is definitely worth a visit. It was so beyond tiring and wasteful driving 4-5 hours one way. If I could redo it, I would book a stay in a nearby hotel which is probably at least 30 minutes away and also visit other spots such as Horseshoe Bend. Also, driving from Vegas we went in and out of Utah and Arizona, I got so confused what was the actual time when we got here because of the different time zones. Oy, but I would definitely love to do it again though!


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