Free Days at the Exploratorium in SF

Exploratorium entrance. PC: CNN

Exploratorium offers six free days throughout the year, here are the dates for 2014 and 2015:
(Keep in mind the dates vary depending on the holiday each year)

09.28.2014 (Sunday)- Latino Engineering Day (featuring a collaboration between the museum and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers)

10.13 (Monday)- Founders Day

12.07 (Sunday)- The Science of Sharing

02.01.2015 (Sunday)- Groundhog Day

03.14 (Saturday)- Pi Day

05.10 (Sunday)- Mother’s Day

Note: You can pick up advanced tickets for the free days one week before the date at any Bay Area UNIQLO 

It’s a great place to take your kids, teenagers, adults! They have things that will amaze and entertain all ages, guaranteed. I haven’t been back since middle school days, and it was located in Palace of Fine Arts. I’ll definitely try to make an effort to check it out at the newer and bigger location. Highly recommended!

Address: Pier 15, 698 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94111


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