Genentech Gives Back Benefit Concert

AT&T Park before the concert began

Foos Fighters on stage

World Series trophies!

Here I am trying to “steal second” base

Home plate!

AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA.

June 21, 2014, Saturday. 11AM-5PM.

I was lucky enough to be a +1 to this amazing event that Genentech hosts for their employees (and their family) as a way to say thank you for all your hard work. They rented out the entire AT&T baseball stadium, invited celebrities to perform, provided unlimited access to free beer, wine, food, and more! Work Hard, Play Hard. It was just an absolutely amazing experience and that I hope one day I’ll get to be apart of, not as a +1 .

We arrived in SF at 10:38AM, parked at parking lot D, walked to the front entrance where there were a lot of people already anxiously waiting. Went through security check. Rode the escalator up to the third floor, Virgin America Level, VIP status. So many food vendors! Of course, my boyfriend went to get his first beer. Lined up for our first meal of the day, chicken tenders, garlic fries, and a hot link. I got white wine which was quite good.

Excitedly and naturally, we wanted to go explore the rest of this fine establishment. Holding my free alcoholic drink and garlic fries in one hand, the camera on the other, off we went. We found a hallway filled with memorabilia’s and the world series trophies (woo hoo!). After some photo taking, we ventured down onto the field to play some kids games, sat in the dugouts, and took some more photos. My bf won me a stuffed cow from a coke bottle game. There’s a photo of me trying to “steal a base” haha!

We finally settled down and sat behind the dug outs to watch the performers. The line up was Colbie Caillat, Foo Fighters, and Usher! They were all amazing!!

Didn’t want the day to end. Drove back home at 5PM, dropped my bf at work on my way.

Amazing day, still in awe.


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