WICKED the musical


At the Sacramento Community Theatre
Row K Seats 33 and 34

TIPS: Amazing show!! Boyfriend and I purchased these tickets 4 months in advance, back when they were released. Tip for any location you plan to watch a Broadway show, avoid convenience fee and go to the ticket booth in person. Also, if you’re not familiar with the seating layout, inquire with the ticket booth employee because they are a great source. The broadway touring shows usually have a year in advance of when and where their shows are, so if you have a particular show you want to watch, do some research and see when they’re going to be playing near you.

If the tickets prices are out of your budget, check the website of the show to see if they have a ticket lottery system. I know they have it for the SF and Sac locations. You put your name down 2 hours prior to the show and they draw a name sometime after. Check their website for more information. And if you get chosen, you can purchase maximum of 2 REALLY GREAT seats for a REALLY LOW price.

MY SIDE STORY: My boyfriend is a big sports fan, mainly baseball, so he’s the one purchasing the games. I, on the other hand, is not crazy about sports but open and excited to go and learn. In exchange, I pick and purchase the (musical) shows, and he is happily and willing to go. It is pricy, but such a worthwhile experience. The live performance is so unique and memorable. We are definitely going to a broadway musical at least once a year 🙂


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