Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is an American holiday for remembering the US soldiers who died fighting for the country. It occurs on the last Monday in May. Schools and many stores are closed for the day. It also signifies the beginning of Summer season. Many people will go on trips, BBQ, camping, and enjoy the extended weekend with friends and family.

From 05/23 to 05/26/2014, my boyfriend and I along with a few of his friends went to Pinecrest, California for a 4 days 3 nights camping trip. Charlie, Harry, and I went fishing the 2nd day. We spent hours on the lake, just when we thought we weren’t going back with any dinner, we got 6 rainbow trouts all together! I contributed one of them 🙂 They were delicious! The following day, we all went hiking to Cleo’s Bath, a hiking trail which leads you to a big waterfall. We hiked up giants boulders, walked for what seems to be 7 miles. Worth it. At night, we would make s’mores and play games.


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