Waterfall Hike in Auburn, CA

Black Hole of Calcutta Falls in Auburn, CA

Easy, dog-friendly- 2.1 miles roundtrip that took around 1-2 hrs.

My boyfriend, cousins, baby husky, and I went on a hiked in July thinking the weather would be suitable. Boy, were we sweating! We arrived around 11AM with the blazing sun above us. I recommend going in the spring time around April for a cooler hike and a bigger waterfall.

Arrived at Gate #150 (11AM) in Auburn State Park. Park along the side for free. Doggy-bags were available at the gate. We walked shortly on the gravel until we reached the bridge you see in the photo. American River was under us and on the way back we saw a lot of people sunbathing and playing in the water. We continued walking on the flat dusty road until we reached the waterfall, but in the summer time, it’s more of a stream. It’s a nice photo-op. Baby husky didn’t want to leave the cool water.

At this point, you can decide to either hike back the same way you came or continue hiking to the rangers station then walk back. If you continue, it’s an upward hike. We walked for another .5 miles before we decided to head back since the baby husky didn’t seem to want to walk anymore.

I recommend bringing 2-3 bottles of water per person. Once you reach the waterfall, head back and go down to play in the clear American River. Tons of hikes in the Auburn area, but due to the drought, everywhere is low water level.

How to track who visited your facebook profile

Background story: I don’t know if it happens to you, but you find yourself getting a friend request from someone that you went to their Facebook page prior. – In my case, it was a classmate from middle school. Although we never really had a conversation, we acknowledged each other’s existence. S/he might have even asked me for a pen during our English class! Well, I went to their Facebook page before the friend request because I recognize the name. Then I wondered if somehow that person found me because I went onto their page. So I googled to see if that’s possible.

Result: Found a way to see who have seen your profile. Not worth my time to do it because I couldn’t copy and paste the ID #. But for the curious minds, I’ve taken the liberty to copy verbatim below for you.

Tracking instruction:

  1. Its easy to do. Just follow these steps and you’ll succeed in finding out who visited your Facebook Profile!
  2. Go To Your Facebook timeline- facebook.com/xyz
  3. Right click on your timeline and hit “View page Source”.
  4. Now, you’ll be redirected to a new page with lots codes.
  5. Hold CTRL+F on your keyboard, a text box appears at the right corner, in that box, type- “InitialChatFriendsList” (Don’t include Quotes)
  6. Next to that word, you’ll see a list of numbers, these are the profile ID’s of people who visit your timeline.
  7. Just go to “facebook.com”  and paste the ID number beside it with a “/” . For example, if the ID is abcd, you have to put it as- facebook.com/abcd.
  8. The first ID shows the one who visits profile more often while the last ID never visits your profile!

Share A Coke

Ever imagine drinking a soda bottle with your name label on it?

Yeah, neither have I, but now you can! With Coke’s new advertisement gimmick, Share A Coke, where you can find/customize the labeling on the can of coke.

They rolled out 250 most popular names that you can find at your department stores from June through August. For those with unique names, Coke is having “a 500-stop, cross-country “Share a Coke” tour featuring traveling kiosks will enable fans to customize a Coca-Cola mini can for themselves and a second can for someone special. The tour will satisfy fans who can’t find their names on store shelves,” found on their OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

You can find their touring locations and dates to get a cute customized bottle for you and your friends HERE. If you can’t make it, share a virtual bottle ;)

Free SF Sunday Parking Returns

Free Sunday Parking at Meters in San Francisco returns on

July 6, 2014

A year ago, SF decided to charge for Sunday metered parking, which was a bad, bad decision. As if parking in SF wasn’t expensive enough, I would look forward to Sundays and after 6PM on the other days to go out and not have to worry about that. I’m glad there were enough complaints to bring the free Sundays back :)P

Sunday Parking Exceptions:
- Four-hour time limits may still apply
- Parking at meters on SF Port property (mostly in Fisherman’s Wharf and along the Embarcadero) will continue to be enforced seven days a week.
- An exact start date for the free Sunday meters hasn’t been announced, but the Mayor’s office says it will begin with the next fiscal year (which should be July 6, 2014).

The Galt Flea Market


Open to the public. Free Parking. Free Admission. Free Carryouts.
Location: 610 Chabolla Ave., Galt, CA 95632

Most the information are listed above, so I don’t want to be repetitive. This is a huge outdoor flea market, where they sell all kinds of things: fruit trees, wallets, towels, vegetables, fruits, etc. It takes roughly 20 minutes from Elk Grove, not a bad drive considering it’s a whole lot closer than the flea market in Roseville. Although, they are only opened on Tuesday and Wednesday, both on the weekday. Check their website for more information. I only went once, more than a year ago. Bring your own reusable bag since you can probably fit more.

Free fishing days in CA!

This year, July 5 and September 6, 2014 is when the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is offering their two free days of fishing (no need of a fishing license). Perfect time for you to see if you would enjoy fishing before you commit. In certain areas, they set up teaching stations, so be sure you check that out if you want a guiding hand. I’ve listed some general questions and answers along with general pricing. There are tons of more information on their site as well as information on being a lifetime member, how to go about fishing for salmon, abalone, etc. There are rules to be followed, so I would go ahead and check out their OFFICIAL SITE.

General information that I’ve taken off the CDFW:

Q: Who needs a sport fishing license? Any person who is 16 years of age or older must possess a valid sport fishing license when taking any fish, shell fish, reptile, or amphibian in California.

Q: How long is an annual sport fishing license valid? Licenses are valid for a calendar year (January 1 through December 31) or for the remainder of the calendar year if purchased after January 1.

Q: Do I have to wear my fishing license? No. As of March 1, 2010, anglers no longer have to display their sport fishing license on their outer clothing above the waist. However, their sport fishing license must be in their immediate possession while fishing, except when diving.

PRICING for 2014:

Perfect time to get out there and do some activities. Bring along a friend, family, significant other for a day out. Bring a book, picnic, chair, sunscreen, water, and more to create a memorable day :) See you guys out there!

The Boiling Crab experience

Top to bottom, left to right: Dozen of raw oysters $16, family photo $priceless, Fried catfish basket $11, Calamari $10

6910 65th St, Ste 100
Sacramento, CA 95823



Popular restaurant in the Bay Area and Sacramento. Really interesting experience if you haven’t been here. Affordable and taste worthy. As seen in the photo, my family and I just finished eating our delicious seafood and we are still in our bibs. Each location is decorated with the same theme, Sea-shore pollution. There was a shark with a paper cup in its mouth hanging from the ceiling, alligator on the overhead, seashells, buoys, etc. Not recommended for first dates. Prepare to get your hands dirty from peeling the shrimps and leaving smelling like one.

It’s a staple to get the shrimp when you’re here. For $11/lb, you can be enjoy the perfectly cooked shrimp covered in delicious sauce! Oh yeah, the thing about this place is that you get to pick the sauces and they deliver your food in a plastic bag. I always get the WHOLE-SHABANG (Rajun Cajun, lemon pepper, and garlic sauce) and non-spicy. A photo of an older menu when shrimp was $10/lb. But it gives you an idea of what to expect. Crab is so expensive that I usually just skip. King crab especially. Raw oyster, fried catfish is other favorites of mine.

Great for large parties! There is probably a wait so go early!

Read my Yelp review to get a better idea of what I thought of the food. Hope you get to check this place out!